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Oz YouTube Marimba Competition

Presented by the Nick Parnell Percussion Academy

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Oz YouTube Marimba Competition! The judges enjoyed listening to everyone’s videos and were impressed by the quality. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Now to the results:

2017 Results

Under 18 Category

1st – Neacail McMillan
2nd – Caelum Chester
3rd – Rohan Zakharia

Under 13 Category

1st – Amelia Holder

1st – Neacail McMillan (Under 18)

2nd – Caelum Chester (Under 18)

3rd – Rohan Zakharia (Under 18)

1st – Amelia Holder (Under 13)

You can view some of the other videos from the competition on our YOUTUBE page and FACEBOOK page. Check these out as there are many great performances.


Jamie Adam (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Educator)
Dr. Elsa Lee (Australian Marimba Duo, Educator)
Dr. Nick Parnell (Percussion Soloist, Educator)

Special Announcement

As a way of celebrating the first Oz YouTube Marimba Competition, we have an exclusive offer available to all 2017 contestants. Receive one FREE month on all new marimba hire orders that are placed in the month of October.

To claim this offer please click the link below and place your order. An extra free month will be added onto the first three-month hire period.

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