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Read about Nick’s Pop-Up Vibes Project

For years I’ve loved hanging out in small intimate jazz clubs, soaking up the rich harmonies and rhythmic intricacies of this seductive music.

However, as a classically trained musician I’ve found myself gracing the stage of grand concert halls with impeccable architecture and acoustics. These are always amazing experiences but are a long way from the less formal relaxed surroundings of New York’s Blue Note or my local where I can enjoy a drink with friends all while a guy with guitar reminisces over Green Day’s Time of Your Life.

In this era of COVID-19, there is one thing that most people acknowledge and that is real life connection is at the heart of being human. In the space where musician, music and audience meet there is a profound sense of connection that can occur.

Therefore, I have decided to launch the Pop-Up Vibes project. A series of intimate gigs in unique spaces. They could be in coffee shops, alley ways, offices, wineries, shearing sheds, around a campfire or in a cave – anywhere that has a great feel about it that enables friends to come together and connect while enjoying the amazing sounds of the vibes. My aim is to bring musical performances of the highest quality, usually reserved for the concert hall, to everyday venues and audiences everywhere.

There is nothing quite like seeing a musical performance up close. When you are close to the vibraphone, you not only hear it, but feel it. You sense the raw energy as well as the subtleties of the instrument.

Last week I commenced my Pop-Up Vibes project. I visited a school where I played for a class of ELC kids age 4-5 (see photo above) and then a Yr 1 class age 6-7. The kids danced, laughed and watched in fascination. It was just pure connection through music which is what it is all about.

My hope is to eventually play 100 Pop-Up Vibes gigs for people from all walks of life in all sorts of interesting places. Amazing music in amazing places. I hope to inspire people everywhere with the sounds of the vibes.

I do hope that you can join me at a Pop-Up Vibes gig. Please sign up to my e-news or connect on social media to stay up to date. If you have any ideas of great places for Pop-Up Vibes, please do let me know.



List of Pop- Up Gigs so far:

Pop-Up Gig #1 – ELC Concordia College (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #2 – Yr 1 Class Concordia College (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #3 – Glenroy Estate – House Concert (Flinders Ranges)

Pop-Up Gig #4 – Chalk Hill Winery (McLaren Vale)

Pop-Up Gig #5 – Willunga Hall (Adelaide Hills Players Concert)

Pop-Up Gig #6 – The Jade (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #7 – Hither & Yon (Willunga)

Pop-Up Gig #8 – Cafe Komodo (Prospect)

Pop-Up Gig #9 – HAT’s Court House (Auburn)

Pop-Up Gig #10 – Adelaide Railway Station

Pop-Up Gig #11 – Jolleys Boathouse – 70th Birthday Party (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #12 – St Peters Lutheran Church Blackwood (with Illumina Voices)

Pop-Up Gig #13 – Hutt St – Footpath in-front of Plenty Cafe (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #14 – Hutt St – Footpath in-front of Queen of Tarts (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #15 – Hutt St – Footpath in-front of Biga Cafe (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #16 – Hutt St – Footpath in-front of Chianti Restaurant (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #17 – Hutt St – Footpath in-front of Plenty Cafe (Adelaide)

Pop-Up Gig #18 – Hutt St – Serafinos Winery (McLaren Vale)

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