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Keen to dive into percussion but need the perfect instrument to practise on?

Learning music is so much more enjoyable when you really love the instrument you’re playing on.

Finding out what instrument you or your child requires can be confusing, unless you hire a marimba from the Nick Parnell Percussion Academy.

An award winning musician and university lecturer, Nick has personally selected the marimbas to ensure you or your child gets the perfect instrument.

Nick includes professional advice as a standard feature in your hiring service.

The no fuss hiring process, high quality guarantee, professional advice and affordable price makes this decision easy.

It’s time to pick up your mallets and start playing.


Keen to develop your school’s music program, include that important mallet percussion part in your band or need a marimba for a small teaching room? We’ve got you covered.

Having over 20 years’ experience in education, the Nick Parnell Percussion Academy understands schools’ needs when it comes percussion instruments.

The Nick Parnell Percussion Academy marimbas have strong wheels for easy moving, compact so they fit into a small music room, a range which caters for standard band and percussion ensemble repertoire, height adjustable, fits through most standard doorways and most importantly sounds great!

The no fuss hiring process, high quality guarantee, professional advice and affordable price makes this decision easy.

It’s time to ignite your students’ passion for percussion!

Why Hire with Us


You’ll receive a complimentary copy of the popular African marimba composition Lion Sleeps Tonight

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  • Q: What if I don’t have any mallets? A: If you require marimba mallets they can be easily purchased when you order or separately through the shop link located top right of your screen.
  • Q: Will it fit in my house? A: Yes. The marimbas are compact (140cm x 80cm) and are on wheels so can be easily moved. They also come apart so can be taken easily upstairs. You will need to keep any packaging the instrument comes in for when you return it.
  • Q: Can anyone hire? A: If you live in Australia and it is for a school or student's private use, then you can hire. Applicants must be over 18 years of age, so if you are a student simply get your parents/guardian to go through the online hiring process. If you do not fit the criteria, please e-mail us.
  • Q: How long is a hire period? A: We hire in 3 month time periods. You may cease the hire at the end of any hire period by sending an e-mail [email protected] at least 2 weeks prior.
  • Q: Do you sell instruments? A: No. We believe at school student level it is best to hire due to the significant cost of purchasing and long importation periods (often 6 months) as retailers rarely have them in stock. However, we are happy to offer advise - please e-mail [email protected]