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As you know, I’ve a big passion for percussion and musical excellence.

I love seeing others discover the great joy and satisfaction that comes from learning, playing and sharing music. This prompted me to establish the Nick Parnell Percussion Academy.

Now I grew up outback Australia, where there aren’t too many music schools. But I was totally dedicated to my music so I taught myself the drums in my parents’ sheep-shearing shed. Later I received lots of awards and a PhD.

Because I started to learn music this way, I understand what help musicians need and what it takes to master an instrument. So I’ve created a unique range of musical resources that will help you unlock your creativity and develop your skills so you become the best musician you can.

Whether you’re a beginner, professional player or teacher, you’ll find something here to help achieve your musical goals.

Come and join us at the Nick Parnell Percussion Academy and ignite your passion for percussion!


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